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The 5 Great Benefits of a Townhome

May 13, 2014

Thinking of moving? Have you considered the perks of living in a townhome?

In today’s real estate market, townhomes are becoming the new sought-after housing style. 

Their features include everything you would expect from a new home. They are spacious, comfortable, and private. Best of all, they come at extremely attractive prices compared to their detached equivalents. Today’s modern townhomes are perfect for a variety of households who want an urban feel paired with a suburban community lifestyle. If you need more convincing, here are just 5 of the reasons why a townhome is right for you:

1. Community

The modern urban streetscape is defined by vibrant households – living, working, playing, and shopping within steps of their front doors! The sprawl of the 80’s and 90’s forced people to use their cars to get to any meaningful destination. Today, capsule communities offer everything you need at walking distance. Say hello to the espresso machine and barista right next door! It’s the urban lifestyle with the suburban comfort (and price tag) you want and need.

2. Privacy

We know, we know. This isn’t what townhouses are known for. But Marycroft’s modern townhome is the perfect space for the 21st century, offering you all the privacy you want and deserve plus the lifestyle and freedom you crave. Also, don’t underestimate the value of close neighbours making sure that the community is protected. Privacy and security – no compromises here!

3. Savings

Need we say more? It’s the same spacious environment and ample amenities as a traditional detached home, but with a much smaller price tag. Pay less, get more, live large - the formula really is that simple!

4. Live Life on Your Own Terms

If you’ve been walking around with a scrapbook full of clippings from design magazines, or with a picture of the perfect bedroom floating around your brain - if travelling appeals to you, if recreation is your passion, or if enrolling your kids in the most stimulating extracurricular activities motivates you - this is your chance. Stop pouring money and time into your house, and create the lifestyle you’ve always wanted for you and your family!

5. Eco-friendliness

Today’s modern family cares about the environment and so does Marycroft Homes. Townhomes and other higher density housing forms are our future! They allow our precious agricultural and environmental heritage to be managed responsibly. Our transit systems, schools, business and shopping centres flourish by serving an active and thriving resident base. Say goodbye to wasteful sprawl and say hello to a new world anchored by responsible development, innovative design, energy-conserving ideology, and planet friendly logic.

So why wait? Take a look at one of Marycroft’s gorgeous townhomes today.